Meet Patti, Karen’s Caregiver

Written by careparadox

Patti is a home health caregiver and supports Karen who suffers from the crippling symptoms of progressing Parkinson’s. Funding for this support comes through the Choices for Independence (CFI). However, without a meaningful increase in funding to the CFI program, in-home care agencies will be forced to end services, leaving Karen and hundreds of other NH residents without care. The underfunding of CFI for too many years has caused a significant caregiver workforce shortage because NH caregivers are grossly underpaid. The work that they do is critical to so many, yet they are paid an hourly wage less than they could earn at Walmart or McDonald’s. This crisis will only get worse if these conditions are allowed to continue unchecked. New Hampshire’s older adults and persons with disabilities deserve a chance to spend their last years well cared for in their own homes.

A Letter to State Senator Gannon

A Letter to State Senator Gannon

By Susan Gonya Dear Mr. Gannon, I am writing you as a concerned citizen of East Kingston, New Hampshire, regarding the egregious wages paid to employees under the Choices for Independence (CFI) care waiver. Employees caring for in-home patients under this waiver...

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